Armenia - Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley

"The monastery of Geghard contains a number of churches and tombs, most of them cut into the rock, which illustrate the very peak of Armenian medieval architecture. The complex of medieval buildings is set into a landscape of great natural beauty, surrounded by towering cliffs at the entrance to the Azat Valley." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1
Geghard Monastery 12th-13th century. Thanks to Luca of Italy.

Postcard 2
Geghard Monastery - the cupola of the main church. Thanks to Julie of USA.


  1. Armenia, lovely country, my an ethnic Homeland.
    Love you for your mountains, your climate, your churches and castles, for cuisine, for hospitality...always miss You!
    I hope, that one day I got an opportunite to recieve Armenian card.

    P.s. Sorry for my mistakes, my English is pure(

    Gaya #7