North Korea - Complex of Koguryo Tombs

"The property includes several group and individual tombs - totalling about 30 individual tombs - from the later period of the Koguryo Kingdom, one of the strongest kingdoms in nowadays northeast China and half of the Korean peninsula between the 3rd century BC to 7th century AD. The tombs, many with beautiful wall paintings, are almost the only remains of this culture. Only about 90 out of more than 10,000 Koguryo tombs discovered in China and Korea so far, have wall paintings. Almost half of these tombs are located on this site and they are thought to have been made for the burial of kings, members of the royal family and the aristocracy. These paintings offer a unique testimony to daily life of this period.” 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Tomb of King Tongmyong. I received this North Korea postcard from a sender from China. I had this postcard for awhile and only just realized that it is one of the major tombs of this World Heritage site after seeing a photo of a UNESCO World Heritage plague placed by North Korea government on this tomb.

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