Czech Republic - Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape

"Between the 17th and 20th centuries, the ruling dukes of Liechtenstein transformed their domains in southern Moravia into a striking landscape. It married Baroque architecture (mainly the work of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach) and the classical and neo-Gothic style of the castles of Lednice and Valtice with countryside fashioned according to English romantic principles of landscape architecture. At 200 km2, it is one of the largest artificial landscapes in Europe." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1-A
Lednice Chateau. Thanks to Laco of Slovaka mailed from Czech Republic.

Both postcards of Lednice and Valtice sent by Nicole of Germany. Thanks.

Postcard 1-B
Multi-view of Lednice - Zamek - Schloss - Chateau.

Postcard 2
Aerial view of Valtice.

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