Denmark - Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church

"The Jelling burial mounds and one of the runic stones are striking examples of pagan Nordic culture, while the other runic stone and the church illustrate the Christianization of the Danish people towards the middle of the 10th century." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1
Jelling rune stone in the evening light. Thanks to "bimbim75".

Postcard 2 - Jelling
An attractive postcard of Jelling, Denmark. Thanks to Dorthe of Denmark.

Postcard 3 - Jelling Stone
Depiction of Christ on Jelling Stone. Thanks to Christa of Denmark.

Postcard 4 - Jelling Church
Jelling Church was built in 12th century. Thanks to Genek of Denmark.

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