Guatemala - Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua

"Inhabited since the 2nd century A.D., Quirigua had become during the reign of Cauac Sky (723–84) the capital of an autonomous and prosperous state. The ruins of Quirigua contain some outstanding 8th-century monuments and an impressive series of carved stelae and sculpted calendars that constitute an essential source for the study of Mayan civilization." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1
Multi-view of Quirigua. Thanks to Jose of Guatemala.

Postcard 2
Estela de Quirigua, Guatemala. Thanks to Ale of Guatemala. Three beautiful stamps used.

Postcard 3
Two wonderful postcards of Quirigua of Guatemala. Thanks to Rene of El Salvador.

Postcard 4
Thanks to Rene of El Salvador.

Postcard 5
Another postcard. Thanks to David of USA.

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