Switzerland - Italy - Monte San Giorgio

"Monte San Giorgio is a wooded mountain of pyramidal form located at a 1096-metre altitude above the level of the sea, at the south of the lake of Lugano, in the district of Tessin (Switzerland). The site is considered to be the best witness of marine life in sorts out (245-230 million years ago). It was inscribed on the List of worldwide heritage in 2003. The extension of this site, the Italian side of border, is adjoining the existent good. The interest of this extension is fond of special importance and variety of its fossil-bearing deposits of sorts out." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1- ITALY - Palentology Illustration
Palentology Institute and Museuen of Zurich University showing prehistoric marine life of Monte San Giorgio. The museum is located in Switzerland. Thanks to Maria of Italy.

Postcard 2 - SWITZERLAND - Monte San Giorgio
An aerial view of Monte San Giorgio, Switzerland. Thanks to Lotty of Belgium.

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