Australia - Greater Blue Mountains Area

"The Greater Blue Mountains Area consists of 1.03 million ha of sandstone plateaux, escarpments and gorges dominated by temperate eucalypt forest. The site, comprised of eight protected areas, is noted for its representation of the evolutionary adaptation and diversification of the eucalypts in post-Gondwana isolation on the Australian continent. Ninety-one eucalypt taxa occur within the Greater Blue Mountains Area which is also outstanding for its exceptional expression of the structural and ecological diversity of the eucalypts associated with its wide range of habitats. The site provides significant representation of Australia's biodiversity with ten percent of the vascular flora as well as significant numbers of rare or threatened species, including endemic and evolutionary relict species, such as the Wollemi pine, which have persisted in highly-restricted microsites." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1
Three Sisters of Blue Mountains with the Scenic Skyway. The Blue Mountains is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to SM who went there on a day tour for this nice card.

Postcard 2
Multi-view of Greater Blue Mountains Area. Thanks to SP for mailing from Blue Mountains, Australia.

Postcard 3
Three Sisters of Blue Mountains. Thanks to Denny of Australia. Received in March 2019.

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