Japan - Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities)

"Built in A.D. 794 on the model of the capitals of ancient China, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan from its foundation until the middle of the 19th century. As the centre of Japanese culture for more than 1,000 years, Kyoto illustrates the development of Japanese wooden architecture, particularly religious architecture, and the art of Japanese gardens, which has influenced landscape gardening the world over." Source: UNESCO World Heritage

I find Japan is wonderful fascinating country to visit though expensive. Have visited Kyoto twice. Below is the list of UNESCO WHS 13 Buddhist temples, 3 Shinto shrines and 1 Castle in Kyoto, Uji and Otsu:

1) Enryakuji Temple

2) Byodoin Temple
3) Ujigami Jinja

4) Kiyomizudera Temple
5) Kinkakuji - Rokuonji Temple
6) Ginkakuji - Jishoji Temple
7) Ryoanji Temple

8) Nijo Castle
9) Hongwanji Temple
10) Ninnaji Temple
11) Toji - Kyoogokokuji Temple

12) Kokedera - Saihoji Temple 

13) Kamigamo - Kamowakeikazuchi Jinja (wanted)
14) Shimogamo - Kamomioya Jinja (wanted)

15) Daigoji Temple (wanted)
16) Kozanji Temple (wanted)
17) Tenryuji Temple (wanted)

Postcard 1 - Otsu - Enryakuji Temple
Yokawa Chudo, Enryaku-ji Temple in Mt. Hiei, in Otsu. Thanks to Kenji-san of Japan.

Postcard 2 - Uji - Byodoin Temple
Phoenix Hall of 11th century built Byodoin Temple at Uji, Japan. Thanks to Kenji of Japan.

Postcard 3 - Uji - Ujigami Jinja
Haiden of Ujigama Jinja in Uji. Thanks to Ai-san of Japan.

Postcard 4 - Kiyozumidera Temple, Kyoto
Have been to Kiyozumi-Dera Temple in Kyoto a few times. It is impressive on the hillside every season of the year especially during cherry blossom and autumn foliage. It was constructed on 768 AD and the main hall is built over a cliff supported by 139 pillars of 49 feet high. Beautiful stamps used. Thanks to Yuki-san of Japan.

Postcard 5 - Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto
I went to this famous temple shown here, "Kinkakuji Temple" famous for its golden roof and reflection into the lake. Thanks "asaing" for sending me this wonderful postcard.

Postcard 6 - Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto
Thanks to Junko-san of Japan.

Postcard 7-A - Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto
Zen Rock Garden of Ryoanji Temple - I visited this exquisite garden before. Thanks to Alina from Moscow.

Postcard 7-B - Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto
Thanks to Junko-san of Japan.

Postcard 8 - Nijo Castle, Kyoto
Thanks to Junko-san of Japan.

Postcard 9 - Kyoto - Hongwanji Temple
Nishi Honganji Temple of Kyoto. Thanks to Michael of Luxembourg.

Postcard 10-A - Kyoto - Ninnaji Temple
Ninnaji Temple in Omuro, Kyoto. Nice stamps used. Thanks to Claus of Germany for sending from Japan.

Postcard 10-B - Kyoto - Ninnaji Temple
Ninanji Temple in winter. Thanks to Shawn who was visiting Japan.

Postcard 11 - Kyoto - Toji Temple
When Kyoto was first laid out as the national capital in 796, this temple was built to protect the country. The five storied pagoda was built in 1641 by Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa. Thanks to Kenji of Japan.

Postcard 12 - Kyoto - Kokedera Sai Ho Ji Temple
Moss garden of Saiho-Ji, Kyoto. Thanks to Kayu of Japan.

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  1. In 2007 I spent 2 months in Japan. During my stay I got to spend one weekend in Kyoto and it was the Japanese city I liked best. I like the coexistence of modernism and history in this city. It gives the city something special, something magical.
    The Kinkakuji Temple is one of my favorite spots in the city. It looks a lot more beautiful in person, than on pictures. I still remember how we tried to take a picture of its reflection on the water of the pond like it can be seen in postcards but none of the pics do it justice...it is just stunning.
    From the street the Nijo castle doesn't look that nice and rather plain but once you pass its gates you can get a glimpse of its real beauty. I like the nightingale floors in the corridors of the castle and the story behind them.