Missing - Brazil - Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves

"The Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves, in the states of Bahia and Espírito Santo, consist of eight separate protected areas containing 112,000 ha of Atlantic forest and associated shrub (restingas). The rainforests of Brazil’s Atlantic coast are the world’s richest in terms of biodiversity. The site contains a distinct range of species with a high level of endemism and reveals a pattern of evolution that is not only of great scientific interest but is also of importance for conservation." Source: UNESCO World Heritage

There are 8 areas:
1 - Una Biological Reserve, Bahia
2 - PAU Brazil CEPLAC Experimental Station, Bahia
3 - Veracruz Station, Bahia
4 - Pau Brazil National Park, Bahia
5 - Discovery National Park, Bahia
6 - Monte Pascoal National Park, Bahia
7 - Linhares Forest Reserve, Espirito Santo
8 - Sooretama Biological Reserve, Espirito Santo

Unique fauna/flora:
Palm Attalea funifera
Maned Sloth Bradypus torquatus
Brazilwood Caesalpinia echinata
White-headed Marmoset Callithrix geoffroyi
Bristle-spined Rat Chaetomys subspinosus
Jucara Euterpe edulis
Flowering Plant Hymenaea rubriflora
Jaguar Panthera onca
Red Mangrove Rhizophora mangle

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