Ukraine - Kiev: Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Related Monastic Buildings, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

"Designed to rival Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, Kiev's Saint-Sophia Cathedral symbolizes the 'new Constantinople', capital of the Christian principality of Kiev, which was created in the 11th century in a region evangelized after the baptism of St Vladimir in 988. The spiritual and intellectual influence of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra contributed to the spread of Orthodox thought and the Orthodox faith in the Russian world from the 17th to the 19th century." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1 - Church Fathers Row Mosaic, Saint Sophia Cathedral
Thanks to Alex of Ukraine.

Postcard 2 - Kiev Pechersk Lavra 
St. Trinity Gate Church (XII century) and Great Bell Tower (XVIII century), main entrance to the Lavra area, Kiev. Thanks to Michael of Luxembourg who was visiting Kiev, Ukraine.

Postcard 3 - Kiev Saint-Sophia Cathedral 
Kiev (Kyiv) National Sanctuary - Sophia Kyivska, Ukraine - Ukraina. Saint Sophia Cathedral symbolized the "new Constantinople" and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks Chris for sending me this wonderful card.

Postcard 4 - Kiev Saint-Sophia Cathedral
The ancient frescos and mosaics of St. Sophia Cathedral of Ukraine. Thanks so much to Marina for mailing another card - marking my 10th written stamped postcard sent from Ukraine. Another set of nice stamps used.

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