Italy - Longobards in Italy, Places of Power (568-774 AD)

"The Longobards in Italy, Places of Power, 568 – 774 A.D. (Italy) comprises seven groups of important buildings (including fortresses, churches, and monasteries) throughout the Italian Peninsula. They testify to the high achievement of the Lombards, who migrated from northern Europe and developed their own specific culture in Italy where they ruled over vast territories in the 6th to 8th centuries. The Lombards synthesis of architectural styles marked the transition from Antiquity to the European Middle Ages, drawing on the heritage of Ancient Rome, Christian spirituality, Byzantine influence and Germanic northern Europe. The serial property testifies to the Lombards’ major role in the spiritual and cultural development of Medieval European Christianity, notably by bolstering the monastic movement." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1 - Torba Tower
Torba Monastery was built by the Longobards in Italy. Thanks to Marina of Italy.

Postcard 2 - San Salvatore-Santa Guila
Santa Giulia Museo della Citta, Oratorio di Santa Maria in Solario of Brescia. Thanks to Karina of Brazil who bought this postcard from Brescia, Italy.

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