Turkey - Neolithic Site of Catalhoyuk

"Çatalhoyuk lies on the Konya plain on the southern edge of the Anatolian Plateau at an elevation of just over 1000m above sea level; the highest point of the East mound of Çatalhöyük is 1020.3m above sea level, 16 m above the surrounding plain. Çatalhöyük lies within the village boundaries of Küçükköy, a small village of approximately 100 hundred houses located one kilometer to the north of the site. The sub-province centre of Çumra is 12km south/southwest of the site and the provincial capital of Konya is 60 kilometers away in northwestern direction..." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage 

Wall painting depicting a hunting scene, Catalhoyuk, 6000 BC. Thanks to Eray of Turkey.

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