Spain - Works of Antoni Gaudí

"Seven properties built by the architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) in or near Barcelona testify to Gaudí’s exceptional creative contribution to the development of architecture and building technology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These monuments represent an eclectic, as well as a very personal, style which was given free reign in the design of gardens, sculpture and all decorative arts, as well as architecture. The seven buildings are: Casa Vicens; Gaudí’s work on the Nativity façade and Crypt of La Sagrada Familia; Casa Batlló; Crypt in Colonia Güell." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

The seven listed sites are:
1A) - Nativity Façade of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona 
1B) - Crypt of the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
2 - Parque Güell, Barcelona
3 - Casa Mila, Barcelona
4 - Casa Vicens, Barcelona
5 - Casa Batlló, Barcelona
6 - Crypt at the Colònia Güell, Santa Coloma de Cervelló
7 - Palacio Güell, Barcelona 

Postcard 1A - Sagrada Familia Nativitiy Facade
Nativity Facade of Basilica - Sagrada Familia. Thanks to Jord of Spain.

Postcard 1B - La Sagrada Familia - Crypt 
The Crypt of La Sagrada Familia. Thanks to Fabienne of Spain.

Postcard 2 - Park Guell
Park Guell - a fascinating colorful work of art. Written July 13, 2011 and arrived in Penang on July 26, 2011. Thanks to Fabienne of Spain.

Postcard 3 - Casa Mila or La Pedrera Roof top view of Casa Mila or La Pedrera, Barcelona. Thanks to Loly of Spain.

Postcard 4 - Casa Vicens Casa Vicens is a family residence in Barcelona designed for the industrialist Manuel Vicens. Thanks to Fabienne of Spain.

Postcard 5 - Casa Batlló
Barcelona Casa Batlló. Barcelona is famous for her architecture and hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1992. Received this postcard from Spain.

Postcard 6 - Colonia Guell
Colonia Guell, outside of Barcelona. THanks to Fabienne of Spain.

Postcard 7 - Palacio Guell
Finally, I have collected a postcard of all 7 listed Works of Gaudi. Thanks to Marta of Spain for this Gaudi building.

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