China - Historic Centre of Macao

"Macao, a lucrative port of strategic importance in the development of international trade, was under Portuguese administration from the mid-16th century until 1999, when it came under Chinese sovereignty. With its historic street, residential, religious and public Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the historic centre of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West. The site also contains a fortress and a lighthouse, the oldest in China. It bears witness to one of the earliest and longest-lasting encounters between China and the West, based on the vibrancy of international trade." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1
A Ma Temple of Macau with Year of Horse stamp and another octagonal stamp used. Postmarked Macau January 6, 2014 and arrived in Penang on January 13, 2014.

Postcard 2
Facade of Saint Paul Church. Postmarked MACAU December 26, 2013. Thanks to Maggie of Macau.

Postcard 3
Old City Wall built by Portuguese in 1569. Nice scout stamp and matching wall stamps. Thanks to Gu of China.

Postcard 4
Senado Square is called "the Fountain" with architecture of late 19th and early 20th century. Nice Year of Tiger stamp used. Thanks to Diana of Macau.

Postcard 5 - Guia Fortress
Guia Fortress built starting 1622 includes a Guia Chapel established originally for Clarist nuns and the Guia Lighthouse. Thanks to Jan of Philippines.

Postcard 6 - Moorish Barracks
Great postcard of the Moorish Barracks of historic center of Macau with five centuries of Portuguese rule. Thanks to Prasad of India for sending this cool postcard.

Postcard 7 - St. Paul
Ruins of St. Paul, Macau. Earlier, I have requested from Bob to send me a postcard from Philippines with Year of Ox stamps which he kindly did. So when Bob went to visit Manila, he sent this postcard with Macau's Year of Ox stamps.

Postcard 8

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  1. Macau is one of my favorite cities in Asia. I especially like the old part of the city which is protected by UNESCO. The first time I went I couldn't wait to get to the Ruins of St. Paul because I had dreamt of getting my picture taken with them for so many years. They still amaze me every time I see them.
    Another thing I love about Macau is how Asian culture blends with European culture. In one part of the city you think you are in Europe, after walking a few steps you realize that you are actually in Asia.
    Although Macau is the Asian Las Vegas for many people because of its many casinos, I like it the most for its culture...although I don't mind hanging out at the Venetian and other casinos from time to time during the evening.

    (I'm sternchen84 from the Postcrossing forum, I also commented on Kyoto but forgot to add my user name)