China - Historic Centre of Macao

"Macao, a lucrative port of strategic importance in the development of international trade, was under Portuguese administration from the mid-16th century until 1999, when it came under Chinese sovereignty. With its historic street, residential, religious and public Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the historic centre of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West. The site also contains a fortress and a lighthouse, the oldest in China. It bears witness to one of the earliest and longest-lasting encounters between China and the West, based on the vibrancy of international trade." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1 - A Ma Temple
A Ma Temple of Macau with Year of Horse stamp and another octagonal stamp used. Postmarked Macau January 6, 2014 and arrived in Penang on January 13, 2014.

Postcard 2A - Saint Paul Church
Facade of Saint Paul Church. Postmarked MACAU December 26, 2013. Thanks to Maggie of Macau.

Postcard 2B - St. Paul
Ruins of St. Paul, Macau. Earlier, I have requested from Bob to send me a postcard from Philippines with Year of Ox stamps which he kindly did. So when Bob went to visit Manila, he sent this postcard with Macau's Year of Ox stamps.

Postcard 3 - Old City Wall
Old City Wall built by Portuguese in 1569. Nice scout stamp and matching wall stamps. Thanks to Gu of China.

Postcard 4A - Senado Square 
Senado Square is called "the Fountain" with architecture of late 19th and early 20th century. Nice Year of Tiger stamp used. Thanks to Diana of Macau.

Postcard 4B

Postcard 5 - Guia Fortress
Guia Fortress built starting 1622 includes a Guia Chapel established originally for Clarist nuns and the Guia Lighthouse. Thanks to Jan of Philippines.

Postcard 6 - Moorish Barracks
Great postcard of the Moorish Barracks of historic center of Macau with five centuries of Portuguese rule. Thanks to Prasad of India for sending this cool postcard.

Postcard 7 - The Cathedral 
The Cathedral of Nativity of Our Lady, Macau. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who visited Macau.

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  1. Macau is one of my favorite cities in Asia. I especially like the old part of the city which is protected by UNESCO. The first time I went I couldn't wait to get to the Ruins of St. Paul because I had dreamt of getting my picture taken with them for so many years. They still amaze me every time I see them.
    Another thing I love about Macau is how Asian culture blends with European culture. In one part of the city you think you are in Europe, after walking a few steps you realize that you are actually in Asia.
    Although Macau is the Asian Las Vegas for many people because of its many casinos, I like it the most for its culture...although I don't mind hanging out at the Venetian and other casinos from time to time during the evening.

    (I'm sternchen84 from the Postcrossing forum, I also commented on Kyoto but forgot to add my user name)