United Kingdom - The Forth Bridge

"This railway bridge spanning the estuary of the Forth River in Scotland is the world’s longest multi-span cantilever bridge. It opened in 1890 and continues to carry passengers and freight. Its distinctive industrial aesthetic is the result of a forthright and unadorned display of its structural components. Innovative in style, materials and scale, the Forth Bridge is an important milestone in bridge design and construction during the period when railways came to dominate long-distance land travel."

Source: UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Postcard 1
The Forth Raily Bridge of Scotland, UK. This postcard was sent wrapped inside a Royal Mail transparent plastic envelope to protect the postcardBeautiful stamps used. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.

Postcard 2
Nice night view of this UNESCO World Heritage bridge in Scotland - Forth Rail Bridge with matching stamp and Scottish stamp. Thanks to Suzanne of Scotland, UK.

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