Russia - Mongolia - Landscapes of Dauria

"Shared between Mongolia and the Russian Federation, this site is an outstanding example of the Daurian Steppe eco-region, which extends from eastern Mongolia into Russian Siberia and north-eastern China. Cyclical climate changes, with distinct dry and wet periods lead to a wide diversity of species and ecosystems of global significance. The different types of steppe represented, such as grassland and forest, as well as lakes and wetlands serve as habitats for rare species of fauna, such as the White-Naped crane and the Great bustard, as well as millions of vulnerable, endangered or threatened migratory birds. It is also a critical site on the migration path for the Mongolian gazelle."

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

An extra large postcard of Torey Lakes is a RAMSAR site in formerly Chita Oblast and now part of Zabaykalsky Krai, Siberian Federal District. Thanks to Zheniya who received this postcard from her friend in Chita and mailed to me.

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