Germany - Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

"The Margrave Opera House in Bayreuth (built 1745 - 1748) is one of the most outstanding monuments of European theatre architecture in baroque times, preserved virtually unchanged in its original appearance. The interior design with its splendid auditorium is the heyday of artistic creativity of the theatre architects Giuseppe and Calo Galli-Bibiena. Further places representing the intellectual and spiritual world of Margravine Wilhelmine in significant manner are the Neues Schloss (New Palace) or Residence, which was projected in cooperation by Wilhelmine, and the Eremitage, an intimate garden area outsite of Bayreuth with two houses where the ruler's family spent the summertime. The interior design of the older palace documents Wilhelmine's encodet thinking. The fourth place of interest is the Rock Garden Sanspareil between Bayreuth and Bamberg. The bizarre rock formations are reminiscents of chinese gardens. The most particular building in the garden is the Roman Theatre, the first ruined garden architecture in Europe." 

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Postcard 1
Bayreuth - Margravial Opera House with special stamp cancellation of Bayreuth. Thanks to Natalie of Bayreuth, Germany.

Postcard 2
Nice multiview of Markgrafliches Opernhaus Bayreuth. Thanks to Simone of Germany.

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