Iraq - Erbil Citadel

"Erbil Citadel (Iraq) is a fortified settlement on the top of an imposing ovoid-shaped tell (a hill created by many generations of people living and rebuilding on the same spot) Located in the Kurdistan region, Erbil Governorate. A continuous wall of tall 19th century facades still conveys the visual impression of an impregnable fortress, dominating the city of Erbil. The Citadel features a peculiar fan-like pattern, dating back to Erbil’s late Ottoman phase. Written and iconographic historical records document the antiquity of settlement on the site – Erbil corresponds to ancient Arbela, an important Assyrian political and religious centre – while archaeological finds and investigations suggest that the mound conceals the levels and remains of previous settlements."

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Wow.. my first postcard mailed from Iraq Kurdistan. It shows Erbil with its historical citadel - a tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage nomination. The postcard was missent to Thailand but fortunately arrive. Thanks to Patrick, Valirie, Sisko, Matthieu.

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