Turkey - Bursa and Cumalıkızık: The Birth of the Ottoman Empire

"The Birth of the Ottoman Empire is a serial nomination of eight component sites in the City of Bursa and the nearby village of Cumalıkızık, in the southern Marmara Region. The site illustrates the creation of an urban and rural system establishing the Ottoman Empire in the early 14th century. The property illustrates key functions of the social and economic organization of the new capital which evolved around a new civic centre. These include commercial districts of khans, kulliyes (religious institutions) integrating mosques, religious schools, public baths and a kitchen for the poor as well as the tomb of Orhan Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty. One component outside the historic centre of Bursa is the village of Cumalıkızık, the only rural village of this system to show the provision of hinterland support for the capital."

Source: UNESCO World Heritage

Yesil Mausoleum, Bursa, Turkey. Bursa is a tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage. It also belongs to The League of Historical Cities. Thanks to Onder of Turkey.

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